Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello internet, or whomever is in this small corner of the internet. For the purposes of this blog you can call me Sidereal, or Sid for short if anyone thinks my monicker too long. I do not speak to any one person, because my goal in creating this blog has little to do with people. "But Sidereal," you ask, "Why would you go to the trouble of creating a blog on some blogging site if you didn't want people to be following your every random thought and emotion with a near religious fervor?"

I'm glad you asked. For one thing there are plenty of other social networking sites that are much more social where I can find the validation most humans crave, that and the mystical land of Outside which I've heard is nice this time of year. The other reason is that I will mostly be using this as an infodump for my various musings on the world around me. Some will be abstract philosophical musings, some will be of a sociocultural nature, and others may resemble reviews of books, movies, and games.

The one thing they will all have in common is that I won't remember them in several days.

Therefore I will use this as a data storage system. Because hard drives can broken, flash drives can be lost, and computers can be destroyed by viruses, but the internet will last at least long enough for me to write down whatever I feel I should have record of for however long I decide to keep this endeavor in my favor.


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